Baby Danny {newborn} | Utah Photographer

My sister-in-law had her third baby back in February and she let me come document part of the birth and do some photos right after baby Danny was born for part of a school project. Newborns are so cute and tiny. I'm definitely not a birth/newborn photographer but it was fun to try something new! 







































Hasselblad Images | Film Photographer

Somehow I was lucky enough to inherit a Hasselblad 500c camera last fall from one of my Father's colleagues - don't know how I got so lucky! But I'm definitely not mad about it.  I have had so much fun with this camera since receiving it.  Film is so much fun! I love the colors it produces. Granted, I am still getting the hang of a light meter with EV numbers on it so my exposures aren't quite where I'd like them to be - but I'm slowly figuring it out. Someday maybe I'll even get a few more film cameras (a mamiya or a pentax or even a leica! if any one wants to give me them, I'd be fine with that too....) and then I'd be able to do all my work in film! It's just so beautiful! So here is a photo dump of the 10 rolls of film I took over Christmas break. 


Hasselblad 500c

Portra 160, 400 & 800 

All images developed and scanned by Indie Film Lab (they are so amazing to work with!! - everyone should get all their film developed by them!)

Millie Turns 5!

Sometimes I do so much client work that I forget that there is such a thing as "personal work" - but it's so important to shoot and share your own work - work that means something to you! This is my adorable niece Mille. Her birthday party was too cute, I couldn't resist sharing it with you.