Christina+Josef {Engagements} | Utah Wedding Photographer

Okay - this couple was so much fun to shoot. I'm sure you will be able to see how happy they are in these photos. They just laughed and smiled the entire time - it made my job really easy.  
They have such a cute love story too - they both have Finnish roots but didn't meet there. They met in a Finnish class at BYU 5 years ago and have kept in contact mostly through letters since then because they've spent those last few years all over the continent. 
I love that they wrote each other real letters! Not emails, but letters written on actual paper. How romantic is that? 
The best part is that they saved all of them. They were so fun to look at. They all had stamps from different places they'd been to around the world. 
They wrote letters to each other from Finland, China, The Czech Republic, Africa, Russia, Slovakia and America. 
(ps i'm so jealous of their world travels...)
I can not wait to shoot the rest of their wedding!